Starting with the question of what makes a beginner into a professional – specifically in terms of controllable determinants of ones practise. I’ve arrived at a level agnostic methodology, focused on harvesting greater depths of value in one’s surfing. The intention is unlocking the possibilities of the body, with regards to expression of ones surf technique and style, by framing it specifically as a cognitive and creative process.

The physicality of human movement is an abstract object of the mind, and from that point, I propose that leveraging our minds, to hold imagery and coordination of varying qualities – can help us solve the hard problems of ‘good surf technique’.  This also serves to purify mental frustration into clarity and progress. Liberation from our usual heaviness towards more somatic possibilites. Including weightlessness.

Ultimately, by focusing on increasing variations of individual possibilities, you create uncountable layers of meaning in your surfing.

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Reach out if interested in surf and movement coaching as well as courses and workshops. My knowledge base also includes dance performance, flexibility, mind, theoretical physics and mathematics.

m@iarom.org | 00353852436370